Factors to consider when buying a car boot liner

car boot liner

Posted by on October 25, 2017


Car boot liners refer to the various accessories that are installed in a car boot to protect the storage area from mud, spills and other contamination’s. In a layman language, a boot liner refers to layer of material used to protect your car’s boot from whatever material you put in it. In addition, the car boot liners protect the boot from paints and scratches from other sharp materials that might be loaded in the boot. A car that has a boot liner is easier to clean, and in most cases has a higher resale value A car boot liner gives you piece of mind knowing whatever you are carrying in your boot cannot ruin your car. It makes a car more versatile and reduces the necessity of wrapping everything you are carrying on your boot.

To enjoy the above benefits of a car boot liner, it is Important to consider the following features when making a purchase. To start with, when buying a car boot liner, you should consider its size and fit. Car boot liners come in different sizes and shapes depending on the target car model boot. Most people prefer custom car boot liners because they fit your car boot perfectly enhancing uniformity. However, there still exist universal car boot liners which are cheap and readily available. If you cannot afford to buy a custom made car boot liner, it is advisable buy a universal model and trim it to suits your requirements.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a car boot liner is the material used to make the product. The four main materials that are used to make car boot liners are rubber, fiber, plastic and low density polythene. The most
common boot liners are made of rubber because they are flexible and take whatever shape the car owner wants them to take. In addition rubber boot liners are water proof hence protecting your vehicle from any spillage. The only disadvantage of rubber boot liners is that they are heavy making the hard to was and maintain. Low density polythene boot liners are affordable and easy to work with, because they can be transformed into different shapes. In general, the best material for a car boot liner should be tough, waterproof and flexible.

In conclusion, a good boot liner should be functional, in that it should be weather resistant and prevent any spillage from passing through its edges. In addition a good boot liner should have an anti-slip bottom to keep it in place one installed.

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