4 drunk driving myths and facts dispelled

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Posted by on October 27, 2017

Did you know that more than 3000 people die or end up seriously injured every year in UK because of drink driving? While the UK legal limit is 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, any amount of alcohol in the body affects your driving abilities like having a poor judgement of distance and speed.

Alcohol also makes you feel over-confident whereby you end up taking miscalculated risks. The following facts and myths can however help you understand drink driving situations better.

1. No point fighting drink driving charges

This is false as some defences like honest and reasonable mistake’ can actually save you. However it’s difficult to prove the defence, which is why you need an experienced drink driving solicitor to help you out.

Examples of possible honest and reasonable mistakes are unknowingly eating your friend’s prank chocolate infused with alcohol before driving, you undergoing a breath test even though you weren’t the driver or some rare or difficult circumstances where Section 10 can have your charge dismissed.

2. You will be sent to jail

This is true as drinking driving or DUI is a serious offence. However going to jail is the Court’s last resort, and isn’t the only penalty you get for drinking driving. It’s usually if it’s a repeat offence, if you are in a higher alcohol range or if you have an extensive criminal record that the magistrate may have no other option but to send you to jail.

3. Drink driving charges apply only while driving cars

This is false. You’ll be surprised to know that even people riding bicycles, skateboards and horses have attracted drink driving penalties. You stand to lose your car license even if you are caught drunk while driving a boat.

While motor car drink driving cases may attract low, mid and high range penalties, non-motor cars can attract an under the influence of alcohol case and with it, a fine and potential loss of your driving license.

4. It’s possible to avoid drink driving charges by refusing the breath test

This is false. In fact, refusing the breath test is the worst thing you can do. It itself is an offence where you stand to get the same penalties as high range drink driving. You may have to pay a monetary fine, and if it’s a second offence, you face possible imprisonment and 6-9 months license suspension with jail.

With these 4 myths and facts clarified, you can work better with your drink driving solicitor if you ever get caught for DUI!

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